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                                                                        By Phil Dewhurst                                                                                                                             This site contains nearly 200 photographs

                                               This site was last up-dated on the 21st July 2022

Teulon Street

                       Paul Davison  Phil Dewhurst and Tommy Dewhurst circa 1968

                          House numbers 68 66 and 64 ...Our car outside number 62

    Teulon Street was a terraced street in Walton* in Liverpool.

                                        It was built in 1873. 

                 During the blitz half the street was flattened.

    In 1951 Teulon Street primary school was built on the bomb                        site of Teulon Street and Kendrick Street.

                         The infants school was built in 1967.

          It was named after Samuel Sanders Teulon, a gothic                                                 architect 1812-1873.

                      Teulon Street was demolished in 1975.

                                     *Always thought of as being in Walton technically the street was in Kirkdale

Samuel Sanders Teulon
                                                Samuel Sanders Teulon
          All the immediate streets were named after well known Architects.
                                            Pugin, Cockerell and Barry


    Teulon Street ( as yet not built ) is marked in red.  The Sandstone Quarry would                                     have stood where Luton Grove met Florence Street.

A joke that ran for many years was that when they knocked down the lunatic asylum                       they just moved all the inmates into the new houses opposite


   This map was published in 1874 although it was already out of date as Teulon               Street had been built in 1873. This map now shows Stanley park 

     The church is where the Bronte cottage would have stood

Teulon Street


  This site starts with all references to Teulon Street from       the Liverpool Mercury newspaper from 1873 to 1900

Teulon Street

       The Battle of Waterloo

Teulon Street
 Teulon Street

            This medal sold for over £6000 when auctioned

Teulon Street
Teulon Street
Teulon Street
Teulon Street
Teulon Street
Teulon Street
Teulon Street
Teulon Street
Teulon Street
Teulon Street
Teulon Street
Teulon Street
Teulon Street
Teulon Street
Teulon Street
Teulon Street
Teulon Street
Teulon Street
Teulon Street
Teulon Street
Teulon Street
Teulon Street
Teulon Street
Teulon Street
Teulon Street
Teulon Street
Teulon Street
Teulon Street
Teulon Street
Teulon Street
Teulon Street


          1900 Names and occupations

Teulon Street
Teulon Street
Teulon Street

    Top of Teulon St 1966

Teulon Street

                         Teulon Street / Walton Lane, looking towards Goodison  1966

                                                    Picture courtesy of the Liverpool Central Library, Liverpool

           This photograph from the 1950's was taken from the top of Teulon Street.

           You can see the same damaged brickwork as in the previous photograph

                                        Picture courtesy of the Liverpool Central Library, Liverpool

              Walton Lane 1950's. The Street sign in this picture was of Cockerell Street.

                                             Picture courtesy of the Liverpool Central Library, Liverpool

         Teulon Street and William Shakespeare

Teulon Street
Teulon Street

 Liverpool Echo 1914-1918

Teulon Street
Teulon Street
Teulon Street
Teulon Street
Teulon Street
Teulon Street
Teulon Street
Teulon Street
Teulon Street
Teulon Street


                  There have only ever been 1,355 Victoria Crosses issued.

   To have a Victoria Cross winner from Teulon Street in itself is brilliant.      But to have one who was born in the same house as you were born in! 

          Also to see his name with the likes of Bromhead and Hook from                                    Rourke's Drift... Yet another Teulon Street hero.

    This memorial was unveiled in the garden of The Church of Our lady and St Nicholas, Liverpool.                                On 19th May 2017 on the 100th anniversary of Albert Whites death

Teulon Street
Teulon Street
Teulon Street

There were 7 casualties from WW1 for Teulon Street listed here...It is more likely to be double that number as street names were not always added to records.

Richard Davison was living at 47 Teulon Street when he was killed. It appears that J Faulkner

moved into this address sometime later and was also killed approximately 2 years later.

     This aerial photo from 1928 has Teulon Street highlighted in red

                           The palm house has now been refurbished

This close up clearly shows Kendrick Street....What is unusual is that the houses heading up the street on the Kendrick side are a lot larger than the 2 up 2 down houses opposite.

Some of Liverpool Mercury articles refer to cellars, although i don't recall any Teulon                                                                     Street houses with cellars.


          5th April 1933

                              Taken outside 33 Teulon Street about 1933

                               The wedding of Jimmy and Lily Williams

       featuring Richard Pearson Lloyd, Elizabeth Lloyd and Eric Lloyd


                              1938 Kelly's street directory

                                   I have left in the anomalies   eg 2 house number 2 s

      Below are Newspaper reports from various local newspapers from 1939 to 1945.

     I have kept these separate from anything to do with the war as there is a whole                  section concerning Teulon Street and the second world war after these

          4th January 1939
          5th January 1939
            3rd August 1939
             24th August 1939
          24th January 1940
1st February 1940
         20th May 1940
6th 7th and 8th June 1940
    13th January 1941
     18th February 1941
15th September 1941
26th November 1941
        10th December 1941
10th January 1942
13th January 1942
27th May 1942
16th June 1942
22nd July 1942
20th July 1944
14th August 1944
18th September 1944
17th September 1945

 World War II


Teulon Street
Teulon Street
Teulon Street
Teulon Street
Teulon Street
Teulon Street

      This picture below shows Mr Henry Griffith and son Henry Griffith jnr emerging from            number 70 Teulon Street, although the text wrongly suggests this is from Salop Street.

     This would have been staged shortly after the event ( I have highlighted the union jack )

Teulon Street
Teulon Street
Teulon Street
Teulon Street

               John ( Jock ) Bryce

      Rowland Hargreaves was on board the
M V Serbino when it was torpedoed and sunk
           on 21st October 1941 by U-boat 82

                     The sinking of the RMS Laconia

                                                              12th September 1942

  There have been books written, and a film made about what happened to the Laconia, but  this incident would have been forgotten about had it not been for the Nuremberg trials in 1946.   An American laywer for the prosecution questioned Admiral Donitz as to                                 why U boats left sailors from torpedoed ships to drown.

                            To the embarrassment of the USA  the Laconia tale was told

   At number 68 Teulon Street lived John Nice ( pronounced Niece) who was a merchant seaman on                  board the troop ship Laconia when it was sunk by  U 156 while en route from Cape Town. 

There were 2732 people on board ( mainly Italian POWs). The U boat captain proceeded to help the survivors and sent a broadcast to all radio frequencies telling of his plans and a large red cross was displayed  from the U boat.  Other U boats came to help.  Over the next few days their decks were filled   with survivors and tow ropes were  attached to life rafts while they awaited the arrival of a Vichy                                                                          French ship to take survivors. 

                        An American B-24 liberator bomber attacked the U boats, killing survivors.

                      The U boats captains now put everyone back in the lifeboats and submerged


                               Standing in the centre of this picture on board U 506 is John Nice


  Picture taken on board Laconia of one of the guns                                  Position when sunk  


John was eventually taken on board the french Vichy ship 'Gloire' and was taken prisoner of war to a detention     camp in Mediouna (near Casablanca) in Morocco. This camp was liberated when the Americans liberated                                                                                  Morocco about 10 weeks later.

                                     All 3 of the ships on this discharge book page  were all sunk by U boats

                     John had previously been torpedoed and sunk on the M V Accra off the coast of Ireland

                        The M V Stork was sunk 2 weeks after john was discharged, losing 19 of her 22 crew.


                   The  letters D E M S, ( see discharge book )  stood for defensively equipped merchant ship.

                          John would have been trained to man the guns  when the ship was being attacked 

John Lloyd




    On the 29th October 1942 the M V Abosso was enroute to Liverpool from Cape Town when she was met by U575. Two torpedoes were fired.

              There were only 31 survivors from a total of 361 on board.

But now, because of what had happened with the Laconia the U boats no longer helped.


Teulon Street

               M V Abosso

Teulon Street

              This was placed in the Liverpool Echo on the 28th of August 1944


   A person fitting Johns description with amnesia was reported being  at Whiston             hospital. Johns mum had to take three buses to get there only to find                                                               that it was not her son


                           D Day landings    6th June 1944

                                         Albert Taylor took part in the D Day landings.

   5th Battalion, Liverpool Kings Regiment, 'A' company, 'D' platoon landed at Sword beach

          He Married Flo Heeson of 43 Teulon Street and lived at that address after the war

                             "Hitler bombed our chippy"

           The 1938 directory shows 83 Teulon Street as a chip shop.


 I have recently found on a web site called 'Toffeeweb' an account about a player called                                                              T G Jones by Eric Owen

       Eric was born in 1928 and lived in the chippy. He has lived in Canada since 1957

      As i write this now it is exactly 75 years to the day that Hitler bombed the chippy                   





Liverpool Blitz
Bomb damage, Liverpool

                   1940                                                                                   1945


        An old Pugin Street neighbour has told me that this area was known as 

                                                      -The bombin's-

            and when cleared played host to  football matches that went on for                                hours and hours, with scores that would be in the 30's or 40's

        Whenever we played in derelict houses we always referred to them as a 

          'bombdies'. I suppose this was passed down from when kids played in                             empty houses 25 years earlier that had been bomb damaged 

             These aerial photographs from 1946 shows rows of air-raid shelters in
                              Teulon Street as well as in all the surrounding streets

Lily Grace Daisy Elaine Pam Elizabeth (1

                                A Teulon Street day out from around 1950/51.

                 Robbie Williams has been mentioned as being on the back row

Pamela Fagan ( front row 4th from the left ) with her mother nearly behind her

Auntie Lilly with pam in Teulon St (2)xx

   Pam Fagan outside 

     32 Teulon Street

       Pam and Jimmy Fagan in the                  backyard of 32 Teulon Street


 Lily Williams and Pam Fagin.        Teulon Street about 1950

In 1951 Teulon Street County Primary school was built       and opened, with Miss Craven as headmistress                

                                2 x aerial photographs from 1955
Teulon Street

                                     Teulon Street school

   Kenny Fox  Mavis Fox   Lynn Murphy  Lily Taylor  Tommy Tripp  and  John Cotton circa 1961



                       This map from 1953 showing the school when it was known as

                                             Walton Lane County Primary School.

                                Also in this picture can be seen the Victory cinema.


     Curiously in Pugin Street can be seen one solitary corner shop ( No 72 ) which was                                     knocked down shortly after the school was built

     Mrs Steinle ( on the right ) who i believe changed her name to Wainwright to avoid           'anti-German' hostility. The other woman looks like Mrs Brown who had the shop                                    diagonally opposite. The dog is Fido from Number 70

72 Pugin Street
1950's Kids in Stanley Park

  Teulon Street 1953 C0ronation party

Teulon Street

  4 Daisy Fagan ( nee Lloyd )   5 Robert Williams   7 Jim Fagan   8 Jim Fagan jnr                        39 Lily Williams   40 Grace Dickinson  23 Tommy Dickinson   30 Lila McKay    

  25 Mr Nice    24 Mrs Nice   29 Pamela Fagan  45 Sarah Fox     43 Jimmy  Murphy

    13 Mr Rogerson    37 Mrs Rogerson   41 Dora McEvoy   28 Margaret Murray

Teulon Street

                  1 Elaine Dickinson  6 Brian Neary 7  Keith Neary  12 Tony Cruikshank                             13 Celia Cruikshank  15 Ann Small  16 Billy Nice  17 Ron Nice  19 Robbie Williams  

  22 Billy Powell  25 Albert Taylor or Peter Mckenna  27 Dave Rogerson  28 Jimmy Murphy           29 Jim Fagan  30 Joseph Fagan  31 Mrs Neary  33 Mrs Butler  39 Margaret Cruikshank

                                                        41 Mrs Henry  46 Ivy Walker


Two never been seen before photos. I will try and add names to faces in the near future

Teulon Street
Teulon Street

   The even numbered houses were rounded above the doors while the odd numbers up                    to the coal yard were straight. But after the coal yard all were rounded


                                    10 Teulon Street                                        19 Teulon Street

                                                          Courtesy of the Liverpool Central Library. Liverpool

                    Celia Cruikshank outside her house at number 3 Teulon Street
                                     Wearing St Johns ambulance uniform 1958
Pic 1 and 2 showing Ann Cotton. Pic 3: John Cotton and girl called Julie
            who emigrated to Australia. Bottom pics: John with Mavis Fox
Teulon Street

                                          Albie Taylor and mum Flo  circa 1958/59


 Teulon Street

                  Ian Kirkwood 

Teulon Street

                                  1963 May Queen

Taken by Jimmy Murphy..May Queen is his daughter Lynn Murphy  (front girl) with Lily Taylor and Pamela Goldsmith..small boy is Philip Murphy while the boy with sunglasses is Ronny Goldsmith...Mavis Fox appears to be collecting door to door for the May Queen

                                                                    ( at number 46 )              

                  A pram in the background is outside number 62, where i was born in 1962.

                                        Any names typed in red means that i am not certain who it is

This map from the early 1960's appears to show a playground detached from the school, which      i don't remember but which is borne out by the previous photo ( see railings in background )
 Teulon Street

        Teulon Street 1970..The shops to the left of Rigbys are still there and were built on                                                the sight of what was the Victory cinema.

                                                  Rigbys was demolished about 1972

                                                      Picture courtesy of the Liverpool Central Library, Liverpool

Teulon Street

The Victory cinema with Rigbys next door...The Pacific pub can also be seen

Teulon Street

Snapped by Jimmy Murphy, Mrs Dewhurst walking up the street 1960's

 Teulon Street

               Agnes Kirkwood and Flo Taylor on Flo's step ( number 43 )

 Teulon Street

Lily Taylor

Teulon Street

              Kenny Fox,  Tommy Tripp,  Mavis Fox,  Lynn Murphy and John Cotton.

   The houses in the background are the handfull of houses left at the top of the street       after the blitz. When the school playground was extended and fenced off to include             part of Pugin Street it effectively split Teulon Street into two separate streets. 

Teulon Street

               Mavis Fox  and Lily Taylor.  Florence Street in background

                  May 1968  School trip to Colomendy ( Probably on top of Moel Famau )

      Jimmy Hickey  Leslie Croxton  Alan Poole  Kevin Moran  Joan Howarth  Linda Parry

        Vaughan Owen  Anne Rainford  Joyce Turner  Heather McCreadie  Clinton Parker

        The photo below shows Les Croxton, Joan Howarth and possibly Denise Richmond

Teulon Street

          Pamela Goldsmith  David Dewhurst  Kenny Fox and Margaret Fox outside their house

                                                                 ( number 61 ) circa 1966

Teulon Street

           Albie's vicious dog Sherrie who would bite anyone

Teulon Street

          Lily Taylor  Kenny Fox  Mavis Fox

                  plus others and dog REX               

Teulon Street

 Possibly Tommy Dewhurst , Tommy Tripp with others circa 1966

Teulon Street

             John Cotton and Colin Tripp circa 1966

Teulon Street

Lynn and Philip Murphy with Brian, David and Eddie Kirkwood circa 1965

Teulon Street

 Brian Kirkwood, David Dewhurst plus others

Teulon Street

          Harry Dewhurst and Ian Kirkwood outside Tommy Tripps house (No 41)

  This house was above the coal yard. You can see the stairs immediately behind the door

Teulon Street
Teulon Street

     Tommy Tripp   Ronnie Jamieson   David  Dewhurst with Tommy Dewhurst                                                 David Kirkwood and Brian Kirkwood on the floor

Teulon Street

                                       To be verified

 Teulon Street

                 John Cotton 

Teulon Street

                                                        Sharon Hall ( Churnet Street)


                                                     Sunday School trip to Frodsham


 Many Teulon Street faces, Agnes Kirkwood (holding David) Flo Taylor, Margaret Davison     and sister (with Neil and Elaine on knee) Phil Dewhurst and unknown girl on mums         knee, Tommy Dewhurst (ice cream) Paul Davison (left)  David Dewhurst Tommy Tripp                                              and Eddie (or Brian) Kirkwood front, plus others 

Teulon Street
Teulon Street

                                                                    F A Cup final 1966

   Carol Goldsmith  Pamela Goldsmith  Ronnie Goldsmith  Kenny Fox and Angela Goldsmith

Teulon Street

                                                 Harry Dewhurst    David Dewhurst

                                 Phil Dewhurst   Neil Davison   Paul Davison 1965/66

         All the Dewhurst's together. Butlins 1967

John and Susan Murray of Nith Street visiting their aunt Lily Howlett at 55 Teulon Street

                                                                    circa 1965                                                                       






  Bill Murray, Linda Mace, John, Diane and Susan Murray visiting Lily Howlett

                                                                 circa 1967                                                  



                This photograph was taken by Jimmy Murphy in 1968.
  The Morris Minor is outside number 55 and belonged to John Howlett.
Teulon Street

     Kevin Moran, David Dewhurst, Tommy Tripp and Alan Poole ( Wyatt Street ) 1966.             Phil Dewhurst in background by large wooden gates that stretched the width of the            street. These were for access to build the infants school which was completed in 1967


     I am not a lover of colourized photos, but have had a play with these two pictures

   The infants school being built. The motor bike and side-car was Tommy Tripps.
      Rob Williams with son Jonathon visiting Lil and Jim Williams of number 33
                 This picture appears to have been taken from number 33 door step
                                   School football team taken around 1966/67
                                         My class was the last to wear this kit in 1973.
   It was changed midway thought term to black and green stripes, black shorts and green                                             socks  ( Coventry City away strip at that time )

                                        Ian Kirkwood in E Type jag

Teulon Street

              Paul Davison     David Kirkwood     Ian Kirkwood (hidden)     Phil Dewhurst

                       on                          on                                 on                                    on                                   Brian Kirkwood    Tommy Tripp          Tommy Dewhurst          David Dewhurst

                                              ( Note window cleaner in background )



Teulon Street
Teulon Street
Teulon Street

                           A Teulon Street school day out to Chester z00. Early 1960's. 

       Back row Steven Dunbar  ?  Kevin Moran   Steven Webb  ?  Ian Kerr   David Elms   

                            Phil Parker  Kenny Smith  Neil Donnelly   Justin Mooney

                                                  Front row centre is Carol Dickinson

Teulon Street

                                      Nell Dewhurst with Peter Hall 1966

        This colour photograph shows the old wooden temporary railing behind the new                spiked metal railing...These new railing took about 5 seconds to climb over.

Teulon Street

       Phil Dewhurst   Tommy Dewhurst   Harry Dewhurst  Lynn Murphy  Tommy Tripp

                                Paul Davison.  The woman looks like Paul Davison's mum.  

                                                        Photo taken by Jimmy Murphy

Teulon Street

 L to R     Paul Davison   Ian Kirkwood   Tommy Dewhurst   Colin Tripp   Neil Davison                                                 Lynn Murphy   Phil Dewhurst  Elaine Davison 

            Mr Redmond ( teacher ) with Glenys Caulfield   Isle of Man 1968  

From the same school trip:    Wayne Booth  Pauline Bennett and Alan Poole 


                                               Miss Thornton's infants class 1968      

                    Irene Poole 4th from left at the back, Philip Hayes, end left, back

 Harry Clarke   Pamela Aspinwall   Shirley Fleming   Jennifer Durgan  Tommy McKay

                                                        Photo also taken from around 1968,
       I think some of the names may be Stephen Saunderson ( end left ), Paul Pryor, Craig Jones,
                                  Alun Bradshaw and  Colin Turtle ( between the speccy kids ) 
                                               Classroom photo  1968
Tommy McKay  Pamela Aspinwall  Harry Clarke  ( Irene Poole in background )

              Phil Dewhurst, Colin Tripp and David Kirkwood circa 1971

Teulon Street

          Teulon Street kids in Stanley park. Colin Tripp   Brian Kirkwood   Lynn Murphy              David Kirkwood   Phil Dewhurst   Tommy Dewhurst in Everton away kits   circa 1971

     In June 1971 my own class went to Colomendy. This is the postcard which i made and sent             home.  My grammar is slightly better now.....( we 'at' to stay in ) and  ( 'are' instead of 'our' )
           Even Mr Veight's name is spelt wrong although i had probably never seen it written
  Me waving from dormitory. The 'food is bad' comes from our first meal of curry and rice from   a packet. I had never had curry before or rice so it didn't go down well. Other memories are of          having a fight with Reggie Seddon ( he battered me ) and of learning to open my eyes                                             underwater in the pool. ( Miss Halsted, bikini, say no more )
Teulon Street

Teulon Street houses were 2 up 2 down, but most had some sort of wooden lean-to shed                     or kitchen added to them..Harry Dewhurst in our small wooden kitchen

 Teulon Street

                                                       1970's Mum and dad in kitchen

Teulon Street

     This picture of the bottom of Teulon Steet was taken in 1970 and was one of hundreds             taken by the City engineers dept regarding a 'compulsary  purchase order' for                                        Teulon Street and surrounding streets for future demolision

                                   This was now the beginning  of the end for Teulon Street

                                  Now when people moved, their houses were boarded up

                                             Picture courtesy of the Liverpool Central Library, Liverpool


                     Some time around 1972 a film crew set up a camera on our door step.

                               A few days later the footage was shown on 'Look North'.

     As film of Tommy Tripp walking up the street holding a bag of chips was played the                                                                          announcer said

                                             "The dirty scruffy streets of Liverpool"


            In 1973 it was announced that Miss Craven would be retiring as headmistress.

      A collection was made and a Cat Stevens LP was bought for her, with 'Morning has                                                            broken' being played in the hall.

                                           A special book was made for her retirement.

          Photographs of all the classes, as well as examples of some of their work was                                                                    presented to her when she left.                                                                                            She retired to Somerset, taking the book with her.


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