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         If you go onto the 'Britshpathe' web site and type in 'Liverpool slums' then click on                                                                        'Liverpool 1974'.

     After a few seconds  you will see footage filmed from a car, starting from the bottom of        Pugin Street. You briefly see Mrs Browns sweet shop ( boarded up ) plus part of Teulon  Street infants school. Then the footage  starts again, from the top of Pugin Street travelling                                                                  down the street.

            You can see the rear of the Orange lodge practise hall in Cockerell Street, but                                                            Moiras sweet shop has been demolished. 

                                             This is how things were beginning to look.

                                          Moira's sweet shop (in Cockerell Street) 1970

                Some people might remember this shop being known as Lil's or Jeans

   This shop was also previously run by a Mr Green who had been a POW to the Japanese.

   In the Britishpathe footage Moira's is no longer there, but the rear of the Orange lodge                                                                  hall can still be seen

            This is Pugin Street from 1970. ( The houses on the left are Cockerell Street )

    The waste ground in this picture is a legacy from the blitz. In the Britishpathe footage                           most of the houses beyond the parked car have been demolished .

This web site is only going to be of interest to anyone who lived in Teulon Street, or who                                     lived in nearby streets and went to Teulon Street school.

                             So i have added a few photographs of surrounding streets

                                                 Pictures courtesy of the Liverpool Central Library

                                                           Top of Pugin 1970

                                         Number 2 Pugin Street

      Bottom of Luton Grove

                                 Blair Hall ( above the Co op )

                        The Beatles played here 5 times in 1961

            Bessie Braddock worked at this co-op as a teenager

Luton Grove, Liverpool

                    Bottom of Luton Grove

             This photograph is from 1928 and includes Marius Street, Alexander Street, 

                         Burrell Street ( part of which still stands ) and Florence Street

Edward Avenue, looking up towards Marius Street with Tate Street on the left.

               75 Tetlow Street

              60 Tetlow Street

        A recent picture of Tetlow Street church

            67 Tetlow Street

                                                                Salop Street 

                     The house with the street sign on was once a pub called 'The Salop Inn'

                        Heather Street taken from Salop Street.  Mr Carr's Coal yard

            Heather Street, looking from Salop Street, showing Mr Jones's corner shop

 18  16  14  Salop Street                

        12 Salop Street     

               17 Salop Street

       Bottom of Pugin Street

Bottom of Cockerell Street

Bottom of Barry Street

walton Rd.jpg
              The Orange lodge at the bottom of Pugin Street. The shop on the right is Fairhursts
                                                   whose staff are in the picture below
                               The Tintern Abbey above and the Penrhyn Castle below
       The shop next to the Penrhyn was called Clitheroes ( I think ) but was just called
                                            'The white shop' as it was painted white

115 Cockerell Street

2 Cockerell Street

116 Cockerell Street

71 Barry Street

Barry Street, Liverpool

89 Barry Street

Walton lane, Liverpool
                Walton Lane / Florence Street with Alexander Street in the background.
      Graffiti courtesy of Wayne Booth, Les Burke and Dave Dewhurst who's names were                              painted everywhere. Georgie could be George Coffey
                                                       Picture is from around 1974
        Alexander Square

                                                                Walton lane School

  And below the architects drawing which shows the bell tower which had to be pulled                                                      down due to being unsafe after the blitz

                                                            Top Fountains Road 1975

Blitz Liverpool, Walton Road

                                                              The Blitz

        I would say that this photo was taken from a top window on Walton Road.                       Somewhere between the Fountains Abbey pub and Furness Street.

     Fountains Road houses to the left ( You can see the same 'hall to hall' front   doorways as in the previous picture ) with Woodhouse Street on the immediate                                                                            right.

Wyatt Street would be top centre mixed up in all the debris. The high up chimney                                          would be from a Walton Road shop.

                 Also the street lighting would almost certainly be Walton Road

     If you continue watching the pathe footage from 1974, after 2.25 minutes you

    see film from this area, panning from Fountains Road around to Wyatt Street

                                                               Kirkstall Street 1976

Should say 1951 

                                                  The pictures below are all courtesy of the Liverpool Central Library

        Gillian Webb   Karen Owen   Pauline Taylor   Karen Denneny ( hidden )  Janet Gee ( front )

    Sandra Kelshaw   Miss Craven   Gillian Coy   Deborah O'Keefe  Debbie Sutton  Lesley Somerville

An example of some of the kids work. A pencil at the top of this picture gives you a sense                                                              of the scale of this book

Miss Halsted

Class 1 infants

 Class 3 infants

Gillian Coy    Miss Craven

 Class P juniors

Class 4 juniors

Class 3 juniors

Class 2 juniors

Class 1 juniors

  All the names of pupils were just copied from the class register and the people may not    actually be on the picture. An example of that can be found in this picture of my class.

    In the Teulon Street book is the name of Lorraine Styles but she is not in this photo.

       Other names that i can remember from my class over the years are:


Alan Maimes             ( Teulon Street / Walton Rd )      Peter Smith     ( Goldie Street )

Michael Dickinson   ( Alexander Street )                       David Emery   ( Anfield Rd )

Colin Jones                ( Tetlow Street )                             Tommy Burke  ( Furness Street )

Sheila Oakes             ( Burrell Street )                            Paul Parry         ( Salop Street )

Phillip Moran            ( Teulon Street )

                                  Please do not be tempted to skip past the next few items     they are very funny

Thanks to the Liverpool Central Library, Liverpool. who have kindly           gave their permission to reproduce the above photographs

   Teulon Street County Primary school was renamed

                      Eileen Craven Primary school

Tommy Tripp and David Dewhurst at Alsop. Usually boys from Teulon Street would go to this school, but now, because the streets were due to be demolished most of my class went to John Hamilton Comprehensive                                                          in Everton

 This telegram was sent to our house on 27th of December 1974 for my brother Harry to                                     go to sea. When he returned Teulon Street was gone.

    Most people were moved to one of the new housing estates in the Everton area, some            moved as far as Skelmersdale. In March 1975 we moved by Walton Hall Avenue

Albie Taylor  Harry Dewhurst


       This picture is from about 1975. The school was now surrounded by wasteland                               although the house in the background is still there today                                                                                    ( Number 1 Florence Street )

               This map was published in the early 1980's but is from 1975. A few houses left. 
   ( including our house No 62 ) The council were now finishing off what Hitler had started
                                      The 3 photographs below are from 27th June 1981
Eileen Craven primary school
Eileen Craven school

          Eventually, about 2 decades later, new houses were built around the school.

                                         Some of the old street names were retained.


This map from the 1990's shows the school surounded by new housing, although the open         air theatre ( highlighted in red ) in Stanley Park was knocked down in the early 1970's




           Teulon Street school closed on 27th August 1997

                                 On the same day, after a short illness, my mum died 

                     The footage below was taken by Alan Poole 

                    The young girl in the pram is Alans daughter                 

                              The school was demolished shortly after this. 

          New houses have now been built on this site. The estate has been named after Miss Craven

                       Aerial view 1999

                               This aerial photo shows the Craven Park estate near to completion.

                                                  Teulon Street is marked out roughly in red


                                                                              Thanks go to

         Albie Taylor, Alan Poole, Lynn Murphy, Philip Hayes, Greg Ed Words and many others for                                                                               contributing to this site.

       Also to the Liverpool Central Library for permission to reproduce photographs held by them 

This Christmas decoration was made in Teulon Street school by our David and has                                              been hung out at Christmas for 50 years.
Below is made up picture, and a memory of Christmas time at the end of the 1960s
                                     Christmas 2015 'The Cracke'
 Ronnie Goldsmith   Albie Taylor   David Dewhurst  Harry Dewhurst
          Phil Dewhurst and Tommy Dewhurst on a Teulog night out

The Bridewell. July 2022

                        You can contact me on:




                                            06th December 1937

Hawker Audax
Hawker Audax
Everton Valley
This photo from 1904 shows the church steeple
Everton plane crash
     This photo I bought off E Bay ( I couldn't snaffle it as it had writing across it )
                        The write up below is pasted on the back of this picture
Plane crash Everton Valley

                 Where was Walton Hall

      All maps of Walton Hall all differ slightly so i have used the above map as it shows                      the entrance to the hall jutting out (as shown in the picture below)
Walton Hall Liverpool

        This picture is from a web site which fuses maps from now and then.                   Although the old map has Walton Hall demolished and only the out

                                     buildings and walled garden remain

  Give or take a few yards. The corner stone for the hall would be near the                                     centre of the middle bowling green

Walton Hall
Walton Hall Ice House
I would imagine that the 300 year old ice house is still there...Buried

                         A Kirkdale Tragedy

                                Wyatt Street

                              07th June 1887

Wyatt Street, Liverpool
Kirkdale Murder
                               This post blitz map has number 62 highlighted in red.
One last Teulon Street footnote. The large building at the bottom of Wyatt Street on this map was where the school dinners were prepared for Teulon Street school as the school       had no kitchens. I only ever had dinner their a few times but can still remember a               circular scoop of cold tasteless mash and i think rhubarb pudding ( not together ).
                                                         Choice of drink was water
Wyatt Street, Kirkdale
                            Wyatt Street. Number 62 would be where the car is parked
Kirkdale tragedy
                           Mary Ellen Anthony was released from Broadmoor on 14th October 1896 aged 60
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